Channeled Alien Mechanical Spirits (Stop Motion Animation Armatures and Custom Rigging)

Justin Kohn was born in Cleveland Ohio. He has been involved with 3-dimensional animated effects work since 1979. After attending the University of Miami, he was employed doing camera work at a local Studio.

During that time He used the Kitchen Island as a workbench to fabricate his early armatures that were used in his original sample reels to show what he could do. This lead to his first Aminimation gig working on the Claymation Film "I Go Pogo".

In Los Angeles, In the 80's and 90's,he ran a small animation armature manufacturing and effects rigging studio along with partner Master Machinist Peter J. Marinello.

Justin Kohn's 3D Animation Film Credits Include: "The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Robocop Two", "James And the Giant Peach", "Monkeybone", "The Life Aquatic", "Disaster- the Movie" and "Coraline", As well as numerous other films, television shows, educational films and commercials.

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These custom designed stop motion animation armatures are also recognized as mechanical art pieces. They are the internal structures of stop motion creatures, robots and other characters. Each of these armatures is a sculpture that is a one of a kind creation, never to be duplicated. They are constructed of non-corrosive, industrial grade materials, Brass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, copper, bronze, etc. in standard, easily accessible sizes. Each is entirely hand made by the artist, and any parts that wear out or break will be replaced by the artist free of charge during his lifetime. The adjustable tension joints, ball and socket, pin and swivel, hinge, and other forms of controllable mechanical movement have been in use almost since the beginning of film itself, although with the rise of computerized effect, they are almost a lost art. All joints on the sculptures are tension-adjustable with the necessary tools provided. They are capable of infinite expressiveness, reflecting the creativity of the person touching them. They are made to respond to human hands. These are the only art pieces that will become completely different sculptures after a minute or so of touching. 

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Minimal design work goes into the preliminary creative process, usually just a few basic lines spontaneously scribbled on a piece of paper, during a state of complete relaxation with a blank mind. My rule then is simple: Go out into the workshop, and continuously move.
      I know that given enough time (usually hundreds of hours), these pieces will "appear". I am as surprised as anyone concerning what they end up looking like and what their sculptural metamorphosing capabilities are. I call them "Channeled" because the designs seem to arise spontaneously in the workshop, as do their personalities and other attributes. As far as I am aware, nothing even remotely similar to these exist anywhere on Earth. I feel that they must come from somewhere.

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